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About Us

We all know that Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures, ages & color. Foods of India are better known for its spice & color.

Let others know which restaurants offers quality food which tickle your taste-buds. is the leading and most comprehensive directory of restaurants in the North East India.  Whether you’re traveling for work or meeting a friend, our website helps you to connect with great restaurants in your area. With more restaurants enrolling every minute, it’s our goal to match you with the exact type of dining experience you’re looking for in your area.

Our website aims to create a perfect foodies restaurant guide, based on your experience and contribution. Feel free to review, send us feedback, your expectations, expected food festivals, etc to us.

Company Timeline

  • bulb (2)Foodie Idea Born

    This is when the idea of creating an online

    restaurant directory came up!!

  • Teamed Up

    Our co-founder joined us and we started to burn the midnight oil together gathering all the necessary details.


  • Started Compiling

    We started compiling data, information, procedures etc for the website. And

    trust me it involves lot of late night work and a flask FULL of Coffee.



    We took the first step towards making ideas into a reality and booked the domain.


  • Our First Office

    Packed with zeal, passion & excitement it was time to get all the work at one place. So we made ourselves comfortable in our small office (Startup Bootstrapping).     We converted the small office space into a full fledged working area. It Included lot of Brainstorming to create an end to end platform.